Horn Please

John and Lindsay had this idea first (I think?)  and I simply took it and ran with it.

You see, all of the lorry trucks in India have a variation of art on the back of the truck with the words "Horn Please"

Horn please

(a rare occurrence that a photo is featured that I did not take - credit to krebsmaus07 from Flickr)

I really wanted a "commissioned piece" so to speak, that represented our time in India.  Because of the fun we had with the Horn Please tags on our Fading Ladies shirts, I thought it might be appropriate to have a canvas painted as though it was the back of a lorry truck.

I chose one of the photos of a lorry truck that I had shot earlier ... and from here on out, all of the kudos go to my driver, Kushal, who found the lorry truck painter, and worked for two days to get the directions straight ... even down to our new address in Florida, written in Hindi.

Finished product?  Now proudly hanging on my wall ...

6 of you said:

Sarah-Jane said...

What a fabulous idea for a memory from India! We were in Mumbai from 2003-2006 and I loved that country and all its craziness!

Delhibound said...

Hi Sarah-Jane! It really is a fun keepsake!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Super Idea and Super Painting !

By the way, why did you guys move from Delhi to Florida ? You never did tell !


Maria said...

Beautiful! You could start a business....

Maria said...

I love the colors!

Delhibound said...

@anon -- we've actually relocated to Singapore! Florida was a stop-over for the summer. The story will come soon! Trying to catch up on unpacking.

@Maria @iwasanexpatwife -- wouldn't THAT be a fun biz??

@Maria @andthenshedrew -- aren't they awesome. India is SO amazingly colorful ... this canvas doesn't even do it justice!

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