The Bombax Ceiba, otherwise known as the "cotton tree" (or in our household the P.I.T.A. Tree) has been an obsession during the three years we lived in India.

During the month of May, it somehow magically generates little pods

that in turn produce cotton fibers that SNOW everywhere ::

Such a trippy and funky piece of India that I will never forget!

3 of you said:

Todd said...

Lets dont forget that those red buds or whatever they were called would drop and splat all over our car, dog and us if we stood in one place too long. They were heavy, sticky and very accurate in their ability to always hit my car.

Rhea said...

What a cool tree! thanks for sharing.

The Cloudshooters said...

love that tree - we had one at the top of our driveway ... far enough away from our car!!!!!

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