It has been FOREVER since I've done a Saturday Snippets!  Forgive me!

Without further adieu .... quite possibly the LONGEST Saturday Snippet yet ....

on loving your children (and those in your life that you care about) simply by saying six basic words.

Hailey Bartholomew on her 365 project
(more on Hailey's project)

my blogger friend Maria on KNOWING when you're a TCK (third culture kid) AND her "you know you're an expat mom when ..." posts.

from an I-have-no-idea-how-I-ended-up-here find, Aunt Peaches on carrying pantyhose.

from my friend Kristen on the personality of your mug 

And this ... is beauty.

on Why I Dance ....

[it is LONG but it is worth the 5:26 of your life to watch it.  Really watch it!]

Ode to the 5:00 dance party in our kitchens ...

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Maria said...

Ha ha — I want that mug too! And thanks for including me in your snippets.

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