Inspired by Xanthe Berkeley

My current color project can be found at Naomi Hattaway Dot Com.

This week's color in Delhi is BLUE ::

4 of you said:

Marina Marangos said...

Lovely lovely ! You have a real eye for the pictures and the colours . Loved the blue auto rickshaw and the lovely nest and all the jean queens x m

Maricar @ Paper Goodness said...

How inspiring! I've never thought of taking photos with a color theme. I think I will do it this summer. Thanks!

Maria said...

I could look at your photos for hours, Naomi. And the Singapore mug was a nice touch. :)

Delhibound said...

@Marina thanks much! You would do a great work with colors found on your walks!

@Maricar - so happy to see you commenting! Welcome :) You should do it this summer, I'd love to see your photos!

@Maria thought you might like the Singapore mug!

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