I am not an expert on Delhi street food, so instead of attempting to name the foods in these photos, I'll just let the images do the talking.  

I'm not adventurous enough to try street food, so besides jalebis and chaat from a hotel exhibition, I haven't tried any of these!!

Let the photo-heavy post get on its merry way!

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Marina Marangos said...

Lovely picks ! Somehow though I can still resist the temptation. x m

Anonymous said...

The Delhi street-food from the well-established street-food eateries is indeed quite safe and hygienic, especially, the cooked stuff, as the cooking-process kills off any germs. These well-established Delhi street-food eateries go back decades, and have got it down to an art.

Stay strictly with the vegetarian street-food, 'cos the non-vegetarian street-food could well and truly be mystery-meat :-) and unhygienic, if you know what I'm sayin !!!! ( Uh-oh, anyone seen Fido ? )

Delhi-street-food is insanely delicious, and way more addictive than cocaine ! The Delhi street-food is so delicious, it ought to be illegal !

Don't be surprised if you happen to rub shoulders with the rich and the famous, at any of Delhi's famous street-food-places. I've seen Government-ministers and Bollywood-actors at some of the famous street-food-eateries.

Besides, Delhi street-food id also insanely cheap. You can pig out for just a few US cents.

Also, try the fresh fruit juices and shakes, these are delicious and healthy too.

So, Naomi, what are you, a "tourist" or something ? You gotta break down and try that stuff. C'mon, you know you want to !


Delhibound said...

Marina & Arati ... I'm just a chicken and haven't had the nerve to try and stomach it! My immune system ain't what it used to be! :)

Anonymous said...


i mean how can one stay away from this in delhi?

and no, i dont eat it off the street vendors either. all one has to do is to drive to the nearest
a) haldirams
b) om sweets
c) bikanervala

and get all of this in a completely hygenic professional setting at prices ranging from rs 30- rs 100.

get started and you shall be hooked.

gol gappas - round empty dumplings filled with
boiled potatoes/chickpeas and
dipped in different water.
about 5 for rs 20.

papdi chaat - crackers mixed with boiled potatoes, yoghurt, sweet mint chutney,
one of my favorites. light and coolish.
rs 50 for a plate

chana bhatura - cooked chic peas with two loavened fried bread. bit on the oily side.
rs 70 for a plate

aloo tikki - round potato/ lentil patties cooked on a hot plate, served mixed with yoghurt. rs 50 for a plate

stuffed naans are also very delcious. usually two kinds are available. aloo potato or paneer cottage cheese. served with cooked chicpeas.

well, theres tons more. just visit your nearest haldirams. you will enjoy all of it.

for sweets, barfi is a classic. various flavorss. i like pista barfi.
for spongy desserts gulab jamuns and rasgollas are popular. gulab jamuns are the ones in pic above. rasgollas are white.

mmm....feeling hungry

a friendly delhiite.

Anamikaa said...

My mouth is watering, your pictures are so good!

Delhibound said...

@a friendly delhiite and Anamikaa ... LOVED the description of all of these foods! and the mouth watering, yes ... you can almost smell the food!

(a friendly delhiite -- one of these days, you'll have to come clean with your true identity!)

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