Email from Mia's Kindergarten Teacher ::

Dear Parents,

After sharing your comments with the KG team, and discussing the issue further, we have decided to attend the UN day assembly on November 11.

At AES our children are so lucky to have the opportunity to experience being part of a larger community, and sharing common experiences with older students. I know that as a former international school student myself, the experiences that stuck with me were those that involved the larger school community.

Celebrating unity in diversity is a theme that will recur throughout our international lives. It is a concept that these Kindergartners can easily relate to. They are so proud to share their cultural identity with their peers, and even more proud to proclaim themselves to be global citizens. I think that this assembly will spark many rich, meaningful discussions :-)

I wanted to give you early notice that your child will need to dress in their national costume for the assembly. Just like our Diwali celebration, you can decide whether your child will come to school in this costume, or change into it later. I will be sure to take many photos, including a class photo, and will post them on the blog (where you can download them).

* * * * * * 

Email from me ... to the other American parents in Mia's classroom :

Hmmm -- I can't wait to have the discussion about what "National Dress" is for the U.S. with Mia! 

Cowboy boots and a bandana?  :)

* * * * * *

Email BACK from one of the American parents :

don't joke - I guess we're doing flannel pajamas, a hat, mitts and scarf

* * * * * *

Another email from an American parent :

As long as it's not t-shirt, sweats and flip flops. :-). Seriously, was just thinking the same when I read it.

* * * * * *

Another response :

Thats a good question!!

* * * * * *

The final response :

Can we just put them in red, white and blue?

* * * * * * 

As it turns out, Mia was sick  that day, and missed it all together, BUT she was appropriately decked out soon after in red, white and blue!

This photo was taken during the International Food Fair held just after the UN Day Assembly. 

What you can't see is that she had red leggings on, and really WAS excited to dress "American." !!
If I thought that it was difficult to "dress American" for the UN Day, wait until I share about choosing what "American Food" was for the International Food Fair at school!  I'll post that next week ... 

3 of you said:

kay* said...

haha! makes me wonder what "canadian national dress" would be...would probably involve flannel and a toque...

Anonymous said...

And Britney Spears - is she not the designated American Princess ?

So, would Britney's dress then not be the designated official American national Dress ?

Every Day is an Adventure said...

We always have the same issue on int'l day. Rachel usually opts for going with her Chinese side that day since, "The Chinese dress is so much prettier than dressing American." :)

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