Recently a friend's daughter celebrated her birthday and invited us along to see Zangoora, the show at the new Kingdom of Dreams.

Since I did not book the tickets, I have no personal experience, but from what Elaina says, it was simplest to book online.  You can purchase tickets at the door as well, but you are running the risk of long lines (although for what it's worth, when we went on a Saturday afternoon during the summer holiday, there were no lines).

The girls entertained themselves while we checked in - outside - before entering the Kingdom of Dreams campus.

and they measured themselves up against the height bar.  The Kingdom of Dreams website states that children under the height of 42 inches would not be allowed in the theater, but that rule was not heavily enforced on the day we went.

Things to note about this show :
  • It is two and a half hours long.  2.5 HOURS LONG.  For little viewers, it can be a bit lengthy.
  • You can purchase little radios with earphones that broadcast the show in English.  Otherwise the show is entirely in Hindi.  While one might be able to follow the dialogue, it does make for a smart purchase to rent the radios.  They are rentable at the same location where you have to turn in your camera (sorry - I can't remember how much they are ... maybe Rs 150?)
  • Yep - no cameras allowed.  Strictly.  They make several announcements and I would not be surprised if this is the ONE rule in India that is enforced.  You can check it in a locked locker for free during the show.
  • You can avail yourself of nuts (although they are of the strange, funky Indian spice variety), pepsis and wines during the show.  I REALLY wish they would have at least had chips or some other form of snack, but it turned out ok.
  • It is cheaper to go see the show Tuesday - Thursday and the cheapest tickets are the Bronze.
  • Silver is where we sat and it was lovely.  Premier didn't seem worth the extra Rs. 500 and same with the Diamond, Platinum or Balcony.  (Bronze-1000, Silver-1500, Premier-2000, Gold-2500, Gallery-3000, Diamond-3500, Platinum (lazyboy seats with weird "leather")-6000)

So what exactly IS this show?

From the website ::

Sound, light, video, animation, special effects, aerial choreography, stunt, magic and much much more. Get ready for the magic of Bollywood and journey with Zangoora through a cinematic theatrical experience that is sure to dazzle you.

Zangoora is a fantasy tale set in the fictional Kingdom of Shaktishila. It’s a classic story of good vs evil as a gypsy boy Zangoora makes his journey to his true destiny of being a prince. A love triangle emerges between Zangoora, princess Sonali and a feisty gypsy girl Laachi.

Strung together with all time favorite Bollywood song the story explores a larger than life world- full of magic, music, dance, colour and all things Bollywood. Romance, drama, action, magic and scintillating performances and foot tapping music that promises to enthrall audiences like never before.
Come join the world of Zangoora.

I really enjoyed our afternoon! And don't tell the Husb, but my favorite part MAY have been when the main character took off his shirt. That and the flying parts of the show.   

Before the show, we toured the Culture Gully, which is a really funky (AND CAN I SAY INDOORS AND AIR CONDITIONED?) replica of various locations in India.  This "street of India" is spread over 100,000 square feet under a "sky dome".

It offers food, a live arts and crafts village, coffee shops, jewelry store, etc.  Also featured?  Live music and dancing.

Admission to the Culture Gully is between Rs 500-750 depending on the day/time of your visit.  You will be given a Smart Card that can be loaded for purchases once inside.  Culture Gully is a cashless experience (although credit cards and debit cards supposedly work) but we didn't utilize these and I didn't quite understand the rules surrounding the Smart Card (what is refundable and what isn't - go prepared!)

If you have purchased tickets for Zangoora, you do not need to purchase admission to the Culture Gully.

Outside Culture Gully and the Zangoora Theater are some beautiful scultpures and things to see.  There is a huge elephant that makes for a fun backdrop for photos, as well as small ponds and lots of green grass!

Kingdom of Dreams

Great Indian Nautanki Company Ltd., Auditorium Complex, Sector 29, Gurgaon - 122001.
Telephone + 91 0124 4528000   |   E-Mail :

Kingdom of Dreams Timings

Tues-Fri  01:00 pm to 12:00 am
Sat-Sun 12:30 pm to 12:00 am

6 of you said:

Abby said...

I'll never see the show because a)I'll never be in India and b) I can't sit through a 2.5 hour show. However, that first picture is absolutely priceless. In fact, all the images that follow were also gorgeous, but paled in comparison.

Truly awesome shot ;)

Tracy said...

WOW! A must see next time were in Delhi!! The girls look adorable too!

Delhibound said...

Abby -- it IS a precious pic, isn't it? Those two have been besties since the first month we arrived.

Tracy -- YES an absolute must. Very cool addition to the arts here in Delhi!

Elaina said...

It was a great show and i have seen it twice. Once with my hubby and once with my little one. My husband said that there was no way that lead guy's chest is real (when the guy ripped off his shirt!) :)

Denise said...

Beautiful photos!!

Rani said...

Hi Elaina ,

Your husband thought that the lead guy's chest is not for real,I wanted to tell you as a person from India and who has seen this guy so many times in Television shows ,Dance shows that he sure has got the real body.And there is nothing artificial about it.His name is Hussain Kuwajerwala and you can google his name and you would find his pictures at many places and you can verify it yourself.

I am just letting you know as you mentioned your husband had doubt.Please don't take it otherwise.

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