Blue Toenails - 12 different ways

Bella asked her readers to create a project whereby one thing/scene/item was photographed 12 different ways.

I didn't quite get 12 different shots, but 9 will do.

I paint my toenails either blue or green on most every vacation ... and this summer's trip was no different.

(Now that we're home, it's time to take off the blue and go for something a bit less beachy)

Find a common object and make 12 distinct photos of it. 
Change the angle, light, lens, etc. 
Shoot it several ways. 
See if any visual themes evolve from this exercise.

 While I didn't quite follow the directions to a "t", it was interesting to play with my settings while Husb drove down the road

The link to Bella's assignment.

52 Photos Project

3 of you said:

deb said...

Interesting project. Fun to see the scenery through the windshield!

Bethany and Will said...

My toenails are currently blue...when they're not blue they're green...never pink or red or brown or any other color.

Green and Blue toenails. I just can't imagine it any other way.

Yo Mama Morris said...

Cute pics, N! You have very photogenic tootsies.oo

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