"And ..... ..........  ............... She's out."

This is the phrase I hear nearly every day that I'm in the car with my littles.

(or "they're out" or "he's out" ... you get the drift)

Dare to take a gander at what they're talking about?

They are referring to whether or not the pedestrians make it across a busy street.

I wrote about traffic in Delhi once before, but it was more about vehicular traffic. 
In addition to crazy vehicular traffic, there is also a real issue of pedestrian traffic and I'm still not "over" it ... two years later.

At any point during a routine trip to the market, we encounter rickshaws


carts being pulled by bicycles

families on motorycles

and the pedestrians.

I will probably NEVER understand that concept of pedestrians crossing an incredibly busy street.  

I'm talking about cars whizzing by at speeds of 95 km/hour (60 mph) and at a rate of about 170 vehicles passing any one stationary post per minute.


They step out off of a high curb and hold out an extended arm and hand.

Requesting the oncoming boxes of steel to miraculously stop because ...  lo and behold THEY want to cross the street.

Two years later, I still suck in my breath and squinch my eyes shut and subconsciously feel my shoulders tense and raise up ... my head ducks a bit ... hoping that all continues as it has been - in chaos and at top volume. 

Then one of the littles says .... "She's out!"

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