Do you know about the summer list craze?  

The first I ever knew about was Meg's ... over at Whatever ... HERS ROCK!

The rest of these rock as well ...

Centsational Girl ... Pink and Green Mama .... Orangette (even though it's from 2010) ... Little Wonders' (she COLOR CODED her bucket list ... and literally has buckets!) ... and another 2010 list, but still good, Daughter of a Baker.

Need some help?  Jen offers assistance in creating a bucket list for your kids (she includes printables, even!).

Do any of these lists motivate or inspire you?  Any specific entry on the list that makes you want to say "me too, me too!"

I would love to challenge my friends who read me, who are living abroad ... and away from their normal environs ... to write a summer bucket list of their own!  

It might not look the same as a summer to-do list if you were living "back at home" but I want to see it regardless.  Up for the challenge? If you blog it, email me the link.  If you don't blog, just email me the list! 

(I have a feeling that those who "go home" for the summer will have completely different lists than those who "stay put" for the summer).  Humor me, people!

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