During a recent Discover Delhi event in Sunder Nagar (organized through the American Womens Association), we stopped in to see Vikram at Mittal's Tea.

A small and cozy shop in Sunder Nagar, we were treated to teas of all different flavors, and even learned about the differences between the first picking of the leaves versus one later in the season.

Do you know what Second Flush means?

I didn't purchase any teas, but will be back at some point in the future to buy some things.  The options were endless and the packaging was cool enough to buy JUST for that - even without the tea!

I DID bring three of these home with me ... empty boxes used to transport tea. What should I do with them? I can think of a couple of ideas, but wanted to open it up to you. Bring your creative ideas to me!!

9 of you said:

The Bald Guy said...

Plant some flowers in them? Use them as garbage bins? Sandboxes for the kids?

Aren't they too small to make sandboxes?

What else can you do with them. Hmmm. Point to ponder! :-)

Gma Mary said...

put them on their sides and stack them. Then fill them with whatever!

zekedancin said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to visit that shop! How big are the boxes?

zekedancin said...

That looks like so much fun! I would love to visit that shop! How big are the boxes?

andrea said...

What a treat to have these. I'd try to collect a few more from the source, then use them as ends for bookcases. When leaving post, the boxes can be used for packing, taking care to protect the outside printing of the tea bins. These would look great in a large US kitchen, decorating the tops of kitchen cabinets. Very chic!

elizabeth adams said...

i'd put casters on those boxes and make them little side tables for sofas - if they're big enough, can't get sense of scale from the photo.

DelhiBound said...

I guess some perspective would have helped .... those three boxes - stacked - are just a smidge shorter than I am ... so ... 5' 6" ish??

Denise said...

I second them as planters, but suggest to either drill holes in the bottom or place a pot below to catch water and avoid rotting. Or screw wheels into the bottom and plant a large palm tree or fruit tree for inside the house, which can be moved around easily.

LOVE THEM, they're beautiful!!

Katherine Elaine said...

Lovely photos of the outing :)

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