Snobby People Holding Hands

I've  been wanting to write about this for awhile, but always felt it was too sticky of a topic to "put out there."

We recently brunched at a popular restaurant for expats. I made the comment to the Husb that we really never have to worry too much about being the most obnoxious expats in any given situation, because there will ALWAYS be one family or one person that just takes the cake.

Whether it's an attitude of entitlement, or rude treatment of the staff/waiters, or a demanding nature ... there are some snobby people out there!

I recently saw this piece of art by Sami Sunchild on a friend's blog and it hit me.  We should all be required - - wherever we travel -- to be held to a certain set of rules, if you will.

Can you read it?

It says ::

When you travel, take peacemaking, friendship, learning, and listening as your sacred duty.
Refuse to carry with you an empty head or an empty heart.

Give thanks for every human encounter, every animal, bird, plant, and being that shares this gorgeous planet.

Thank them, talk to them, and nourish them.

Let no greed or selfish thoughts distract you.

Let no anger, anxiety, or bitterness accompany you.
Travel unencumbered by too much stuff or by too many pre-conceived ideas.

Enter every new encounter with gratitude for another opportunity to learn and listen, to be the happiest and best travel ambassador on earth.
Affirm your natural ability to balance out the injustices of the world.
Know that hate crimes will cease when we listen to each other, when selfishness and envy are replaced with compassion, and when enemies become friends.
Hold in your mind a vision of a peaceful world where travelers are the sowers of the seeds of joy.

We should all be treating our adopted countries as our own ... and the people inside of it, as our neighbors ... and our experiences as opportunities to learn, instead of finding the worst in those situations.

You may find Sami's words a bit foo-foo, but why not start to be more intentional about what we set out to do each day?  Why not strive for a bigger and fuller life?  Why not attempt to leave our own corner of the world a tiny bit better than when we found it?

We should walk more gently, listen with the intent of learning and take advantage of the experiences we've chosen ... and let them better us.

7 of you said:

deb said...

Good stuff!

Tracy said...

I say we embrace All of those points each and every day...not just when we travel. What a world this would be! x

Sara said...

Our goal since before we were even in the FS was not to be the annoying Americans. It's challenging, but rewarding.

Frances said...

Tracy said just what I was thinking as I opened the comment window!

We expats have absolutely no monopoly on obnoxious behaviour :-) but it stands out when we stand out in the crowd, and looks worse.

Yo Mama Morris said...

Nice post! :)

Every Day is an Adventure said...

nicely said.....

Jen said...

Great post!

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