From sand to snow

We have landed our suntanned bods in Ohio, United States and after recovering from jet lag, have thoroughly enjoyed the SNOW!!!

The snow was AWESOME today and was perfect --- if you haven't played much with snow, you don't really understand what I mean by PERFECT snow! It rolled and stuck just right!

The kids wore out their coats, mittens and snow pants (that I rushed to pick up immediately upon landing) and since I'm not shoveling the white stuff, hope more comes while we're here!

(Mia - having a chat with Mr. Snowman)

I didn't know what to expect with this trip. I knew the flight might be rough (18+ hours in the air, without Todd) ... knew there would be more that we'd want to do than time in which to do it ... and knew that we'd enjoy our time with friends and shopping at Target (wink!)

What I didn't know was how being 'home' would hit me. Would I be sad, melancholy, anxious to just get back to Delhi, not want to get ON the plane to go back?

About halfway through our time here, I am still finding my emotions mixed. Part of me wants to stay true to my previous statements of "I don't want to move back to the US anytime soon." Part of me wants to pack up the Delhi house tomorrow and re-plant ourselves where everything is familiar.

Maybe I'll never have a clear opinion on coming back home.

Maybe with time I'll get more ambivalent about where we hang our hats.

Maybe in time, I'll have a strong feeling one way or another.

Maybe I just won't worry about it .... maybe we'll just soak up our time while we're here ... play in the snow ... eat, drink and be merry.

Happy New Year!

11 of you said:

Susie said...

Happy New Year to you! The shot of Mia and the snowman is precious.

And, in my experience, the answer to your last question will be: yes, all of the above. Let us know!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys made it - AND have perfect snow! Enjoy every minute!

-Sister Jessica

Kirsten said...

Great pics. You all look so happy.

Pam said...

Yay for you and the kids - so glad we could provide you with enough of white stuff during your visit!! I say don't think about it too deeply and just enjoy!

Didan said...

How awesome! Looks like you guys are having a fun time!

Mbdiamond said...

So happy to see the snow pics! Hope you're enjoying every minute of your time here!

caitlin said...

Beautiful photos! Glad you're all having a great time and enjoying the snow.

Mezze Moments said...

Hey N and Co have a wonderful time in the snow. We miss it a lot !!
Just back from Goa where it was lovely and warm. Delhi is freezing cold and foggy and not at all pleasant so enjoy your time away. All the best for the new year. Love m

Ramit said...

Why bother having a clear opinion? Just live in the moment!

Happy New year Naomi! Beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures. You can tell they are really enjoying them selfs and so are you.. Wish I could have been there when Mimi and Papa went.. But work calls... Can not wait till the summer.. I miss you all.

Aunt Carla

dr said...

loved the pics - glad you were able to enjoy a quick trip back :)

we don't get snow in Austin...just ice - so it's nice to see HUGE snowmen :)

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