Lessons Learned

We took Todd back to the airport this afternoon.

We had a FANTASTIC time having him home and we'll cherish all of the memories ... and they will help hold us over until July 17th! It was so bittersweet dropping him off at the airport! I know that it means we only have two weeks until we leave Cleveland. I know we're one day closer to seeing him again and arriving in India.

I also know that parting IS truly such sweet sorrow and that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Some lessons learned so far through this process?

1. I can't say with any certainty that this will be our one and only overseas assignment. What I CAN say is that this is the one and ONLY move where we will separate our family for three months.

2. No question is a stupid question. So many of the things that we've learned through this process no one would ever NEED to know, but save an overseas move with a family. I've definitely learned that without probing, asking and sometimes asking AGAIN, you often times don't get the answers you need. I've learned to keep asking, sometimes asking with a bit of authority and sugar mixed in, and always keeping notes!

3. Make a paper chain. Seriously. If you have little ones ... and have ANY type of an activity or event in the future, make a paper chain. It doesn't get any easier than this, but I'm amazed that it took me this long to figure out that a paper chain would help with the incessant "Mama, when are we ....." questions.

4. Do not take friendships for granted. More importantly, never underestimate the power and effect that YOU have on other people. You may never know whose life you've touched because that person may never have the courage to tell you.

5. Get Henna. Maybe not literally, but do the things that you think are silly and too "out there." You only live life once, right?

6. Purge your belongings. Yep - this one is a literal lesson learned. All of the junk I've been hanging onto all of these years was such an energy suck. Not only because it takes longer to clean a packrat house, but because in my opinion, it REALLY does drain you mentally to have too much. We live in a country of excess ... and it might do you some good to purge ... just for the sake of living with less.

7. Speak up. I've learned sooo much from my fellow bloggers that I've met along this journey. Advice, suggestions, do's and don'ts about our new home. I hope that I too, can help at least one other person with Delhi Bound. So I am choosing to speak up. I hope you do too!

I love comments ... leave them! We all have something to offer someone else. Ask questions and share insights. Share support, offer feedback on what it might be like from your side of the globe.

What lessons have you learned recently?

(and by the way, Anonymous Commenter who got cold feet this week ... email me if you ever need to chat!)

6 of you said:

Crystal said...

I agree our whole experience so far has come about from being assertive and asking MANY questions!!!! If you are too passive you will be passed over, so ask , ask, ask : )

We too have been purging like mad, what a huge blessing!!! You are correct it is an energy drainer. It is so freeing to let a majority go and be used by others. Why were we holding on my husband's old kindergarten projects? Don't get me wrong it was so sweet of my mother in law to save them, but it is time to move on and let let go. If we could just sell the house we would be all set ; )

I have learned so much from you already, thanks!!! Grace to you~

Anonymous said...

love number 6!


areason2write said...

It sounds like you are ready to embrace India! I was surprised as we got closer how ready I was to just hurry up and get there. I know you will enjoy the journey!

adrienne said...

number 4...so true thx

184Days said...

I'll miss you and hope that you'll continue sending pearls of wisdom out through the Interweb. You have a great way of making the complex seem simple.

Anonymous said...

Wow....you get more and more like your mother every day :)

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