Welcome. Namaste.

If you've found your way to this blog, welcome!

Our family of five embarked on an adventure ... we moved overseas and experienced all that India had to offer us for three years!

This place is where I will talk about the process of moving, to share the experience - first hand - with you.

My hope is that you will learn something new about Delhi, India as a country or the process of moving overseas - wherever home may be for you. 

I wrote "real time" while were living in Delhi, but I've reorganized the blog so that new friends who visit DelhiBound are able to read in a way that feels simple ... the newest posts will reflect the beginning of our journey.  The oldest posts will reflect the end of our time in India.

Enjoy!  Namaste!


My husband has always had "international" in his blood. While working for a major airline before we met/married, he worked overseas in 3 different countries. He loved his time overseas, and while he never lived as an expat WITH a family, he knows what he's doing in that environment. He's good at it.

Dare I say, he was made for it?

My family also has some pretty serious global ties, as my mother lives in Kenya, my father recently returned from Japan, my uncle spent some time in China, my grandfather served in Korea and we have other relatives all across the world.

Terran and I spent time in Africa with my mother when he was just 10 years old, and from that moment I realized that being in a foreign country, in a strange environment and surrounded by people who didn't look like me - was actually ok. It was even more than ok, as it was exciting, educational and exhilirating.

I have always tossed around the idea of raising our children to be internationally savvy and when this employment opportunity came up, my immediate reaction to Todd was:


Of course, everyone's first reaction to US is:


To which, I again say ... WHY NOT?

Sure, there are other locations that might be a bit more glamorous ... and certain areas of the world that might hold more appeal. The bottom line though is that with our family unit intact, it doesn't matter where we are physically located.

We are able to introduce our children to a culture that will impact them for the better. They will live a portion of their childhood surrounded by beauty, truth, reality and in the end ... will have a much larger base of friends, family and experience to draw from.

Making this move was a family choice.  This was not a government assignment.  This was not an employment transfer within the same company.  This was not a situation of "Daddy lost his job". 

This was an intentional choice and opportunity that we CHOSE for loads of reasons that we are aware of ... and probably for many reasons that we have probably yet to truly find out! 

Welcome to our life while we were Delhi Bound!

Reading up ...

I am a HUGE fan of the library ... HUGE. We are there weekly, and some weeks DAILY.

When we first started discussing this move, I devoured EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. Cookbooks, Guidebooks, Magazine Articles, children's books, more cookbooks and must have googled a ZILLION different searches.

I'll be honest ... it's a bit difficult to type "india" into a search box on the library computer and then make the time to wade through thousands of entries. It seems that every book written about India, is simply titled "India."

Thanks to the amazing librarians at our favorite branch, we have some new staples in our house.

In case you are interested and have access to a library, these are worth checking out for kids (and adults alike!) :

India, Patrick Ryan

India ABCs, Marcie Aboff

Colors of India, Holly Littlefield

Food in India, Sharon Kaur

A Taste of India, Roz Denny

Food and Festivals - India, Mike Hirst

Elephant Dance, Theresa Heine

There have been a slew of adult book as well, but I have to say that I'm not to keen on reading up on the history of India - not just yet. I need to fill in the gaps of the unknown (which is why I loved "Eat Pray Love" so much. I have some missing pieces of the puzzle since I've never been there and want to first read all I can get my hands on that tells me what it will BE LIKE.

I've just ordered Holy Cow and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. At $5.00 including shipping, how could I pass that up?

I'm going to be participating this week in Everything Except the Grill's My Life. In Pictures challenge. I'm hoping to make more of an effort to capture some photos of this experience ... early on!

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